Zan Factor Fatless, Slimming Solution 50 ml (Spain)

Zan Factor Fatless - 50 ml


To reduce the amount of adipose tissue of the face and body by the process of apoptosis of adipocytes. Clinically proven, the concentration of vitamin C in small doses of low concentration, in combination with 3 valent iron when administered to adipose tissue, induces apoptosis of adipocytes. The procedure is carried out to reduce fat packages in the face and body, is not accompanied by pain and inflammation reaction. It allows you to remove the hernia pack of the lower and upper eyelid, cheek fat, the second chin, bicha lumps, as well as local fat deposits in the body area.

Phase 1: Zan Factor Fatless Active 9ml * 5pcs
Ingredients: sterile water for injection, trivalent iron, lidocaine. 

Phase 2: Zan Factor Booster 5ml

Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid.
Note: connect 2 phases before injection.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid.
    Note: connect 2 phases before injection.

  • How to Use

    Repeating the procedure is recommended, if necessary, after one week. The maximum number of procedures is 4. The effect occurs after 3-4 days and remains unchanged (apoptosis - cell death). The conjunctival fibers that go from muscle tissue to the dermis are not damaged when using the method presented, as is the case with mechanical liposuction or the use of disoxycholate, so the skin does not sag, but remains compact.

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