IS Ion Sonic Ultrasound Home device (Japan)

Ultrasonic device Ion Sonic iS for skin care at home 3in1(Japan)

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Ion Sonic iS is designed for professional beauty treatment at home. This unique ultrasound machine will help improve facial features and regain skin tone. 10 minutes of using the device is sufficient for an effect similar to the result of a professional procedure in the salon. Ultrasound affects the skin at a frequency of 7.5 MHz (7.5 million vibrations per second!), providing it with tonus, and the face - a clear beautiful contour.

Combine 3 treatments according to the condition of your skin.

Ion Sonic is recommended for anyone who:

· Concerned about pollution, clogging pores,

· Wants to regain the tone of the fading skin of the cheeks and improve the contour of the face,

· Wants to improve the complexion of the skin

· Wishes to conduct effective procedures at a convenient time without visiting the salon, have already tried many different devices.

3 modes Ion Sonic iS for unsurpassed care for 10 minutes:
1) Ultrasonic massage: against pigmentation, dullness, age changes and loss of tone.
The device gently affects the skin with 7.5 million vibrations every second, providing an effective massage. High ultrasound frequency allows to achieve the smallest vibration, thanks to which the effect of massage with the help of "Aurora Ceutical G7 +" is comparable with the result of the salon procedures. At the same time, effective ultrasound massage is absolutely safe for health.
2) Ionic reduction: against pigmentation, dullness, age-related skin changes.
This mode will help the caring components of cosmetics to penetrate deeper into the skin for the best result. The ion flux emitted by the apparatus greatly enhances the penetrating power of the active components of the waste means as compared to conventional applications.
3) Ion peeling: for effective purification of pores.
The device allows you to clean the skin, even from the smallest dirt that clogs the pores. Due to the adsorbing properties of ions, the device helps to get rid of the most difficult to remove impurities that are not accessible to normal cleaning.

Indications on the display:
1) Massage - ultrasound massage,
2) Refine-ion recovery,
3) Clean + - ionic peeling

The ultrasonic device Ion Sonic iS should not be used:
· People with heart disease,
· People with keloid scars, irritations on the skin of the treated areas,
· People with allergies to metals,
· People with metal, plastic, silicone implants in the body,
· People undergoing treatment for women during pregnancy and lactation.

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