Teosyal RHA2 - 2 * 1,0 ml

Teosyal RHA2 - 2 * 1,0 ml


TEOSYAL RHA hyaluronic fillers are basically composed of a three-dimensional mobile network with high strength. It does not change when squeezing, stretching, as well as other types of deformation. Inside this network, long chains of hyaluronic acid are connected to each other by intermolecular interaction forces, known as Van der Waals forces.

They have an electrostatic nature and are unstable - with the movement of tissues they are easily destroyed and formed again, allowing hyaluronic acid to constantly maintain a constant mobile three-dimensional structure, which has viscoelastic properties and supports the architectonics of tissues.

Based on the innovative “saved network” technology patented by the Teoxane laboratory, four Teosyal RHA viscoelastic gels have been created that are identical in properties to endogenous hyaluronic acid and are effective in correcting the aesthetic problems of mobile areas of the face.

The formula of the new gels along with mobile bonds due to the forces of molecular interaction includes covalent, irreversible bonds provided by the well-known reticulating agent BDDE. When using the method, due to the specific reticulation process, long chains of hyaluronic acid are better preserved.

Teosyal RHA gels, whose structure is supported by a natural interactive interaction between long chains of natural hyaluronic acid, require less BDDE, so the reticulation level is reduced to 1.9–4.0%. When performing the classical method, it is 5–10%. In the process of using the "saved network" technology, a viscoelastic gel is formed, the rheological properties of which are provided by reticulation, and the dynamics is maintained due to mobile intermolecular ones.

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