Teana Face Serum "Energy of Youth",  10vialsx 2ml

Teana Face Serum "Energy of Youth", 10vialsx 2ml

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TEANA BIOACTIVE AMPOULED COSMETICS are concentrated cosmetics products for face, neck and décolleté, produced using the most innovative technologies and designed for professional and home use. The highly enriched formulations achieve the maximum effect with the minimum amount – only 1-2 milliliters!   STATE-OF-THE-ART FORMULAS. The wide range of serums combines the latest achievements in cosmetology and all the innovative trends of the industry. UNIQUE EFFECTIVENESS. The serums contain active organic ingredients at the maximum concentration, up to 10 times more than in masks and creams.   SMILE MORE, cryo-serum Against Expression Lines will take care of the rest. Expression lines appear irrespective of age, but that doesn't mean that it is impossible to fight against them. Teana’s D4 cryo-serum with a complex of plant extracts removes muscular stress around the eyes and lips. 3D hyaluronic acid smoothes expression lines and prevents them from coming back.   NATURAL AND SAFE. Teana bioactive ampouled cosmetics contain only natural ingredients, are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Disposable vials made of special pharmaceutical glass minimize the use of preservatives, exclude the possibility of oxidation and guarantee freshness and potency.

  • How to Use

    • Use as a separate treatment or in combination with alginate masks and non-invasive cosmetics procedure. For best results, a course of 10-14 days is recommended.
    • Warm the vial in your palm and shake before use. Apply a small amount on the skin using your fingertips until completely absorbed.
    • You can add a few drops of serum to your favorite face product and apply as usual.
    • Can be used with mesorollers and dermapen


  • Ingredients:

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer containing in skin tissue. The average 70 kg (154 lb) person has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronan in the body. HA prevents dehydration, regulates skin moisture, decreases puffiness, skin itch, normalizes blood supply and enhances wound healing and angiogenesis.

    Witch hazel extract (Hamamelis virginiana) is traditionally used for skin injuries (cuts, wounds, burns, insect bites), has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as being astringent.

    Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) stimulates cell regeneration, improves the condition of dry and damaged skin, reduces peeling and increases elasticity. It effectively rejuvenates skin which is struggling with acne and hyperkeratosis.

    Natural Menthol improves blood flow in tissues, has a refreshing, relaxing and smoothing effect on the skin. It is known for its cooling effect, which is due to stimulation of the heat-sensitive receptors.

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