TAMIFLU Capsules 75 - 10 capsules (Japan)

TAMIFLU Capsules 75 - 10 capsules (Japan)


Tamiflu is an antiviral drug used for the prevention and treatment of the influenza virus.

This medicine blocks the influenza virus from leaving the infected cell in order to suppress viral reproduction.

It is usually used to treat influenza type A and type B infection.


he active ingredient is called oseltamivir.



  • How to use

    It is usually taken in a single dose. Here are some common uses for children and adults.


    1. 1. Adults and children (12 years and older)

    body weight dose
    Less than 80kg 40mg (2 20mg tablets or 4 granules)
    80kg or more 80mg (4 20mg tablets or 8 granules)


    2. Children (under 12 years old)

    body weight dose
    10kg or more and less than 20kg 10mg
    20 kg or more and less than 40 kg 20mg
    40kg or more 40mg

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