SIMILDIET Azelaic Acid - 60ml

SIMILDIET Azelaic Acid - 60ml


PEELING  Azelaic Acid
60 ml bottle for 35 treatments
Properties antioxidant anti-inflammatory, inhibition of keratinocyte proliferation and depigmentation.

60 ml bottle


Azelaic Acid is an organic acid widely used in dermatology because of its high antibacterial properties, able to counteract and reduce the appearance and growth of bacterial colonies within the pores.


Azelaic acid has not only anti-bacterial properties: its chemical properties also confer antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties, inhibition of keratinocyte proliferation and depigmentation.




  • 20% azelaic acid
  • 2% salicylic acid
  • 3% lactic acid
  • 1% arnica

After the treatment it is recommended to use cream for 1 week Simicare cream applied thickly thinking a week, then a month in night cream

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