S-DNA 0,2% Eyes-1ml

S-DNA 0,2% Eyes - 1*1ml


S-DNA is a cell regenerating DNA treatment derived from salmon that repairs damaged and aging skin. S-DNA is injected directly into the epidermis  and gradually recovers and revitalizes your skin.


S-DNA induces tissue generation and healing properties for damaged  skin cells, from the epidermis through to the deep dermis for a lasting effect.  A a result, S-DNA enhances the skin's protective barriers to keep your skin natural, healthy and firm. 


S-DNA is a premium DNA injection which improves the physiology conditions of impaired dermis by healing with tissue regenerating material - purified 


DNA from salmon milt. It induces tissue regeneration and healing properties for damaged and aging skin cells and enhances skin's protective barrier to keep your skin healthy and firm.


1 syringe - 1 ml

  • Ingredients

    Main Ingredient: DNA fragment from salmon milt

    • polynucleotide - 2 mg/ml.
    • phosphate buffered saline, ph7 - q.s 
  • How to Use


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