Rejeunesse Sparkle -3 * 2.5ml (Korea)

Rejeunesse Sparkle -3 * 2.5ml (Korea)

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Rejeunesse™ Sparkle with lidocaine is crosslinked dermal filler for skin rejuvenation via superficial dermis injection. Rejeunesse Sparkle Lidocaine is an innovative development of the Korean pharmaceutical corporation NEWMEDIC Co., which differs from the fillers of this line with the lowest degree of reticulation of hyaluronic acid - 3%, which creates the maximum spring composition of the active substance and allows you to fill deep skin. The preparation is intended for the hydraulic raising of sagging skin and deep rejuvenation of problem areas.

All fillers from NEWMEDIC Co. developed using the 3D-matrix mechanism, but it was for Rejeunesse Sparkle Lidocaine that the revolutionary hyaluronic acid production technology, 4D-matrix — the spatial organization of molecules, was created. It is important to note that this technology allows you to create not only a lifting effect but also a protective film that helps the skin to withstand the loads and resist them.

Action Rejeunesse Sparkle Lidocaine: filling vertical wrinkles on the forehead, fine wrinkles of the periorbital and perioral areas of the face, as well as the creation and modeling of volume in the cheek area. The drug is used to correct the oval of the face, chin and neck. It is recommended to inject the cosmetic into the surface layers of the dermis since it consists of the smallest particles and is intended to correct very fine lines and wrinkles.


Packaging: Three syringes (2.5 ml each) + 2 needles (30G)

Manufacturer: NewMedic Co (South Korea)

  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid (20 mg / ml) + lidocaine (0.3%), pH (6.8)

  • How to Use

     Biorevitalization (general), elimination of medium and small wrinkles, lip augmentation, vector lifting and bio-reinforcement


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