Prostrolane Blanc B - 1vial x 2ml (Korea)


Prostrolane Blanc B is a bioreparant with a clarification and lifting effect. Effective pigmentation prevention and safe lightening even in summer.

-The effect of “White Veil” 2 in 1 (lightening + oval reconstruction).

-Selective prevention of hyperpigmentation and safe clarification in the summer.

Recommended Course 2-4 Sessions
The duration of the effect is up to 12 months after the course.

Additional information:
Innovative dermal filler, gel with sustainable release technology and new peptide technology. Prostrolane Blanc B Injection Gel is indicated for deep implantation of the skin for whitening and toning to brighten the face and neck.



  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid 0.7% normalizes skin hydration, eliminating signs of dehydration and increasing antioxidant status, has a nature-filling effect, due to double stabilization: BDDE less than 2 ppm, amide bonds with the peptide complex. Partial stabilization of HA allows the preparation to be in the tissues for a long time, to fill in the missing volumes in places of soft tissue depression.

  • How to Use

    Prostrolane Blanc-B is indicated for deep skin implantation in order to give brightness to the face and neck.

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