15 Applications per box: 5 x 15ml masks, 1 silicon mask, 5 x 5ml hydro serum


Beauty ritual with precious metals. SILVER * PLATINUM * DIAMOND Cleopatra herself used masks made of precious metals. Three valuable substances are the beginning of a new era in cosmetic science. The ancestral ritual, which draws its strength from unique and rare raw materials, is combined with science and experience. Maximum results thanks to the combination of unique ingredients and special application technique. The V METAL SKIN SYSTEM is designed for gentle skin regeneration. Radiant, toned and oxygenated skin. Improves the quality of the skin, which becomes smoother, softer and more radiant, the complexion is evened out. Improves tone and contours, wrinkles are smoothed out.


V Metall Mask

Bio stimulating, illuminating and lifting actions

• Colloidal platinum

• Colloidal silver

• Polypeptide diamond

Hyper oxygenating, emollient and detoxifying actions

• Helix Aspersa polysaccharides

• LS-2497 illodine

Compacting, toning and sebum-normalizing actions

• Lactic & Mandelic acid


V Metall Cover

Increases the hyper-oxygenation of skin tissue allowing the active substances to penetrate in depth.


V Metall Hydroserum

An elixir is rich in nourishing amino acids, vitamins, coenzymes and lifting substances.

• Aminobutyric acid

• Hexapeptide-8



Starting from the first application:

• Visible improvement of skin quality

• Softer skin

• Refined texture

• Brighter looking skin

After a complete application protocol:

• Defined contours

• More tonic skin

• Reduced wrinkles

• Smoother skin



  • Ingredients


  • How to Use

    1. Clean accurately and dry perfectly the skin

    2. Apply a thin layer of V Metall Mask with a small brush

    3. Let the mask act for at least 5 mins and then apply V Metall Cover

    4. Remove V Metall Cover after 5 to 15 mins (depending on the skin)

    5. Clean the skin with water and dry perfectly

    6. Apply V Metall Hydroserum and massage until completely absorbed

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