Pour Les Femmes Shape Moist Gel, (Gel Cream) - 50ml

Pour Les Femmes Shape Moist Gel, (Gel Cream) - 50ml


Gel - a fluid based on hyaluronic acid and fermented extracts, which gives elasticity and smoothness.

The advanced gel fluid with serum functions based on hyaluronic acid and fermented plant extracts UTP Pour Les Femmes Moist Shape Gel is designed to instantly give and maintain skin elasticity. The action of the product is aimed at increasing skin tone and restoring its elasticity not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Improving the “quality” of collagen, the gel evens out skin imperfections and provides deep hydration, turning the moisture contained in the stratum corneum into a single gel-like layer. Thanks to the instant smoothing effect, the skin becomes smooth, toned and unusually delicate. Geranium and daylily extracts protect against photoaging, effectively fight against enlarged pores, strengthen cell membranes, and promote the preservation of hyaluronic acid. Bergamot and lotus extracts restrain the active forms of oxygen inside the cells, make up for the collagen deficiency, stimulating its production and promoting the formation of strong collagen fibers.

As a result of application, the skin restores lost tone, acquires an even tone, smoothness and elasticity.

Regular use of Moist Shape Gel, a perfecting gel, in combination with Moist Keeper moisturizing hyaluronic lotion from the POUR LES Femmes line helps to increase skin elasticity and provides a prolonged lifting effect.



  • Gel with a softening effect, giving the skin elasticity
  • Fights photoaging, increasing vitality of cells
  • Stimulates the synthesis and production of your own collagen
  • Saturates with moisture and smoothes imperfections

For any skin type.

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