Pour Les Femmes Moist Keeper (Lotion) - 150ml

Pour Les Femmes Moist Keeper (Lotion) - 150ml


Hyaluronic acid gel lotion for instant moisturizing, smoothing and perfecting the skin.

Moist Keeper cosmetic lotion based on hyaluronic acid not only gently cares for the skin, but also perfectly regulates the acid-base balance of the skin: maintaining a low level of acidity, while narrowing the pores and saturating the skin with moisture. Thanks to the activating oil which is a part, the lotion has high penetrating ability. Moisture and active ingredients are delivered to the skin using the original technology in the form of oil capsules, so that the skin is instantly moisturized, smoothed and refreshed.

Being a weak-acid drug, the use of lotion stimulates the formation of protein bonds, which allows to achieve toned skin as part of daily care. The fermented plant extracts included in the composition contribute to the narrowing of the pores caused by incomplete keratinization. Entada leaf extract regulates excessive sebaceous secretion, making skin smooth and pores ideal.

The lotion has a slightly thick gel-like texture, while it is extremely easily applied to the skin, instantly absorbed, hides imperfections and gives a feeling of softness and moisture.

As a result of application, the skin becomes perfectly smooth, moisturized and unusually soft.


Daily skin firming
Low-acid formula helps narrow pores and saturate skin with moisture
Instant moisturizing and flawless smoothness due to the high penetration and activating function of the lotion

For any skin type.

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