Mesoheal Mesotherapy Post-Treatment Mask - 20g

Mesoheal Mesotherapy Post-Treatment Mask - 20g (Korea)


Innovative ultrathin regenerating mask

Mesoheal Mesotherapy Post-Treatment Mask - ultra-thin bio-gel mask based on β-GLUCAN and hyaluronic acid. The mask is specially designed to improve the effect and reduce the recovery period after various types of mesotherapy, in particular after the use of Dermaroller, as well as microneedling pen Dermapen. Hypoallergenic innovative product. The mask is free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Today mesotherapy is extremely popular. It is one of the most effective ways of skin rejuvenation and prevention of aging. But the effect of this procedure depends most immediately and directly upon on the quality and correctness of skin care at subsequent stages. And the care during the recovery period plays a key role.

MESOHEAL MESOTHERAPY POST-TREATMENT CARE MASK is specially designed to accelerate the recovery of the skin after the mesotherapy, as well as to protect against possible inflammation. The mask is based on an ultra-thin fabric napkin made of bamboo fiber. This material has international safety certification Oeko-TexStandart 100 and does not cause allergies at all. The fabric is so tender that it can be applied even to irritated skin. The fabric helps the active substances to be completely absorbed into the skin and at the same time it does not allow the gel to spread and get into the eyes, nostrils or mouth.

The basis of the mask is saturated with a unique composition of substances, including hyaluronic acid and β-GLUCAN. Concentration and proportions of the composition are organized in such a way as to ensure the maximum effectiveness of skin care in the first days after the mesotherapy.

Its most important advantages are:

  • The skin is protected from drying out of gets optimum hydration.
  • Removal of irritation.
  • Protection against scabbing.
  • Prevention of edema and bruising.
  • Improving skin relief, giving it smoothness.
  • Protection against infection.
  • Maintaining fat content of the skin at the normal level.
  • Protection from the formation of hyperpigmented sites.

Polysaccharide β-GLUCAN enhances immunity and significantly increases the ability of the skin to resist both infections and stresses. In doing so this substance is completely safe, and does not cause allergies.

The mask greatly facilitates the course of the recovery period and shortens its duration. It can be applied even in those cases when the procedure of mesotherapy caused a severe reddening, swelling and bruising.


  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid and β-GLUCAN

  • How to Use


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