LOCO + Pla Placental Supplement with Elastin and Collagen

LOCO + Pla Placental Supplement with Elastin and Collagen

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LOCO + Pla Supplement a unique suppliment based on formula 4 in 1: animal placenta, fish elastin (bonito fish), Imidazole dipeptide, Proteoglycan. Contain various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nucleic acids, and trophic factors (cell growth factors etc.) necessary for human beings, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Fish collagen peptide, elastin (derived from fish), chicken extract, swine placenta extract powder, proteoglycan-containing salmon nasal cartilage extract, crystalline cellulose, fine silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, shellac, cyclodextrin, carnauba wax Including chicken, pork, salmon) are very effective fo the prevention and treatment of the organs of the musculoskeletal system: ligaments, bones, joints, cartilage, intervertebral discs, musles, etc. The new placenta SP tablet not only focuses on nutrients but also nutritional factors, it is a supplement that made use of the raw material itself. * Elastin derived from bonito and proteoglycan extracted from salmon nose cartilage, Pork placenta powder, cellulose, yeast cell wall, sucrose ester, fine silicon dioxide, glycerin (including pork powder and soybeans). Multi-year studies found that among all types of elastin, collagen types I and III, stimulating cell division and restraining the process of bone destruction. Its content in Bonito fish (Smokbrian) exceeds quantity in other types of fish. Proteoglycan is a powerful anti-glycoliser, pre-aging aging processes caused by glycosylation. The proteoglycans act at dermis level, therefore strengthening the skin’s structure, giving suppleness to the skin, hydrating and maintaining it’s hydration throughout the day, which is ideal for any skin-type, especially for dry skin, making the skin firm, contributing to it’s radiance and good appearance, acting with anti-wrinkle properties.

The placenta is widely used not only in cosmetology but also in orthopedics-for example in the treatment of radiculities or pain in the knee joins.Thus, a universal drug has been developed that has a preventive and curative effect to help not only cosmetologists but also orthopedists. 

Indication for use: skin sagging and turgor, weakening of muscles, joints, problems with coordinationof movements.  

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  • Ingredients

    Elastin(derived from fish),  Pork placenta powder (swine Placenta), proteoglycan-containing salmon nasal cartilage extract, cellulose, yeast cell wall, sucrose ester, fine silicon dioxide, glycerin (contains some soybeans)

  • How to Use

    It's a functional food with plenty extra ingredients, you can use it anytime. Please take 1 pack of a day (2 capsules) with water as a guide. The trial course is recommended for 2-3 months.

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