Light Fit PDRN - 5vials x 5ml (Korea)

Light Fit PDRN - 1 vial x 5ml (Korea)


LIGHT FIT PDRN contains salmon DNA (PDRN) and useful antioxidants that promote deep regeneration of your skin, and also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. The substance PDRN is found in the human placenta and in salmon seed and promotes skin regeneration. The drug improves skin tone and turgor,  brightens, moisturizes, tones tired skin, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, restores damaged skin, regenerates the skin.



  •  DNA synthesis;
  •  Healing and skin regeneration;
  •  Fast anti-aging effect;
  •  Differentiation of cells;
  •  Protein activation.     
  • Hair loss prevention;


  • Indications: age-related skin changes; atonic skin; rehabilitation after plastic surgery, chemical peeling, laser rejuvenation; wrinkles; deficiency of the components of the intercellular matrix; gravitational ptosis; striae; scars, etc.
  • Zones: neck, décolleté, breast skin, hands, front abdominal wall, inner thigh, etc.


  • Ingredients

    PDRN (salmon DNA) - 1.5%;  Hyaluronic acid - 1%;  Glutathione;

  • How to Use

    The course of treatment is (3-5 procedures).The interval between procedures is 7-10 days. Features of the introduction: 1-15ml per 1 procedure.

    Techniques: papule needle 30G-4mm, pitch between injections -0.3-1cm.

    Can be used with Iondophoresis and topical application.

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