G-Derm Cosmetic Skin (Mask) - 5 Treatments

G-Derm Cosmetic Skin (Mask) - 5 Treatments


“Cosmetic Skin" mask treatment consists of hydrocolloid hyaluronic acid and peptide complex, structured with the innovative macromolecular photoprinting method material technology from Russia. Due to the high content of hyaluronic acid it can moisten the skin more deeply and last longer, repair the effects of photo-biological aging. “Cosmetic Skin" also whitens the skin and is very effective for correction of hyper-pigmentation. The mask contains vascular peptide complex, which improves circulation, has drainage properties for toxins and reduces swelling. From the first use you will see a reduction in wrinkles and improved skin tone that will continue to improve with regular use. The collagen and elastin, combination within the mask treatment deeply hydrate the skin and provide a lifting effect. "The cosmetic skin" mask is designed as a restoring mask after chemical peels, mesotherapy, mechanical, and laser resurfacing and is the only analog of noninvasive BIOREVITALIZATION treatment.

  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid, peptide complex (Desmosine, TrpPro, PheCysMet, ProHisTyr, GlnHisHis), hydrolysed collagen, elastin complex.

  • How to Use

    Suitable for all skin types. Add 2ml of activator ampoule to 100ml of water in a shallow bowl. Soak paper mask in the liquid for 30 seconds. Apply the paper mask onto thoroughly cleansed face (including eye and lip area).  Leave it on for 35 to 50 min keeping it moistened during the treatment and when removing. Do not cleanse after use. Recommended to be used once or twice a week. 

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