Dr. Hedison Returning Eye Patches-60pcs

Dr Hedison - Returning Eye Patch (60 pcs)

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It is a highly concentrated hydrogel eye patches that purifies area around dull eyes and provides moisture and nutrition by patented ingredients: Acetyl Hex Peptide which moisturizes and returns the elasticity of the skin, colloidal gold helps to remove dark circles, dull skin, 6 species of plant extracts to moisturize, nourish the skin, vysokontsentrirovanye hydrogel promotes deep penetration of useful elements to the skin!

  • After washing apply patches under eyes and leave for 15-20 min and grind essence remains around the eyes. You can leave at night. Hydrogel base does not dry and leaves skin hydrated until the morning.
  • Bonuses hydrogel patches under eyes for moisturizing the skin, improve the relaxation and elasticity
  • Hydrogel base does not dry and leaves skin hydrated until the morning. 

Smooth out the skin texture with toner after cleansing and apply serum and ampoule. Take off the eye patch with the enclosed sanitary spoon and apply it to area around the eyes. Remove it after 15-20 minutes, and then lightly pat the residual serum on the skin until absorbed. 

  • Ingredients

    Colloidal gold, peptides, adenosine, 6 different plant extracts, collagen, hyaluronic acid

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