Vivacy Stylage M - 2 x 1ml

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Stylage Injection Filler is a hyaluronic acid-based drug developed by the French company Laboratoire Vivacy.

Being the latest generation product, Stylage has several important advantages over other hyaluronic gels:

Using 3D Matrix technology for a lasting, lasting effect
Using IPN-Like technology, which gives the gel additional elasticity, thanks to which the result looks as natural as possible.

STYLAGE® L is recommanded for eradicate deep wrinkles and folds around the mouth.
STYLAGE® L can give your skin the tightness it needs to eliminate all signs of sagging . Using hyaluronic acid based gel sterile(24mg/g), formulated from an animal free and biocompatible hyaluronan serum that magically lifts even the deepest of wrinkles away from around the mouth.


  • On average, the effect will be for 12 months.
  • The overall lasting effect of STYLAGE L treatment depends on the individual's lifestyle, age and skin type.


For professional use only! 

  • Ingredients

    Cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-Like + mannitol + 0,3% of lidocaine


    20 mg/g


    • 2 x 1 ml pre-filled glass, sterile latex free syringes of STYLAGE M gel
    • 4 sterile single use needles
  • How to Use

    • Deep layers of skin dermis.
    • Use the linear retro-tracing technique by inserting the needle at a 30 degree angle to the skin. Also, fan-shape retrograde injection nappage. 
    • See full instructions enclosed within box.

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