Seaweed Alginate Mask-1000g (Japan)

Seaweed Alginate Mask - 1000g. (Japan)

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A resilient jelly-like Japanese seaweed pack. Since alginate mask is well saturated with water, it quickly restores skin hydration, which in turn results in remarkable improvement of skin’s appearance – it becomes smooth, fresh, youthful and radiant. At the same time, this method of express moisturizing is superior to paraffin masks or mineral oils, since algin allows easy oxygen exchange and help absorb and remove toxins from the skin surface. Use the same amount of purified water as 30g - 60g for one person.


■ Method of Use 
Pour purified water into the powder, mix well until a paste is formed, and immediately apply it to the face. Setup in two minutes. To receive a better benefit from moisturising mask, apply few drops of essence from the Essence and Special Care Collection on the face, wet the gauze and apply alginate mask on the top of the gauze.


  • Ingredients

    ■ Main Ingredients Component 
    Na Alginate, Aloe Vera Liquid Sauce Powder, Brown Algae Extract, Gluconolactone, Glycyrrhyl Acid 2k, Na Citrate, Other

  • How to Use

    Use the same amount of purified water as 30g - 60g for one person. Mix powder with water quikly and aply on the face, avoiding the eye area. Peel off after 15 min. 

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