Lipo Lax + Slimming Solution

Lipo Lax +, PPC Slimming Solution 10 ml x 1 vial (Korea)


Innovative fat burning therapy based on lipolysis

The effects of Lipo Lax can be described as follows:

  • When introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, Lipo Lax increases the osmotic pressure within the cells and splits the fat into its components, which causes the cell membrane to rupture;
  • The cleavage products of the adipocyte enter the lymph flow and blood via the damaged membrane and are excreted by the kidneys and liver;
  • Flat scars form at the introduction site of Lipo Lax (inside the cellulose), which contribute to the destruction of adipose tissue.

Benefits of application:

1. There is no need for anesthesia;

2. The procedure for administering Lipo Lax is very simple and effective, convenient and, above all, painless;

3. Lipo Lax dissolves and destroys fat cells (fat cells are eliminated through sweat and urine);

4. Lipo Lax is effective against cellulite and, due to the peptide content, makes the skin supple and elastic;

5. Lipo Lax quickly removes fat deposits in parts of the body that cannot be reduced with physical exercise or diet;

6. Lipo Lax guarantees a safe treatment, due to the highest purity of raw materials;

7. Maximizes the effectiveness of lipolysis.


Using Lipo Lax, you can correct the following areas:


  • Chin area
  • Fat deposits in the abdomen, as well as lateral folds
  • Reduce the volume of fat tissue in inner thighs and knees
  • Reduce the volume of fat tissue in the shoulders, back and on the back of the hands
  • Contours of the hips and buttocks

After just one session of lipolytic mesotherapy with Lipo Lax, you can get rid of unwanted local fatty deposits, cellulite and flabby skin. After the third session, you will notice that the injection areas have decreased, local accumulations of adipose tissue in problem areas ("ears" on the thighs, sides, second chin, etc.) have disappeared and the skin in the treated areas has become smoother and elastic.


Disclaimer: This product is for professionals only.

This product does not come with instructions as you should be trained to use this product or be treated by someone trained... 



  • Ingredients

    Composition: Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) 1000mg, Deoxycholate 5 mg, Purification of PPC -99.8%, L-Carnitine 200mg

  • How to Use

    Type of needles used in the procedure


    Course of procedures

    7-15 sessions (up to the required result)

    Frequency of procedures

    procedure every 14-21 days

    Duration of therapy

    3-6 months

    Duration of the procedure

    15-20 minutes

    Rehabilitation period

    1-2 days



    Depth of injection

    Hips / Legs / Buttocks - 30-40 ml*, 6-13 mm,

    Chin zone - 10-20 ml*, 3-4 mm

    Belly / Waist- 30-40 ml*, 6-13 mm

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