La Precia Inner Placenta and Collagen Drink - 500ml

La Precia Inner Placenta and Collagen Drink - 500ml


The drink with placenta "INNER La PRECIA" is ideal for women who want to keep youth and vitality for many years and also to fill their life with health and energy.
The use of INNER La PRECIA is recommended:
- To maintain natural beauty every day;
- To maintain daily cheerfulness and good mood;
- To normalize the stool;
- Before and after menstruation;
- With lethargy and loss of strength;
- With weakness and frequent occurrence of a painful condition;
- With heavy loads at work;
- If you look older than your age.

  • Ingredients

    Placenta Extract (swine), passion fruit concentrated juice, microbial fermented metabolism extract, pomegranate juice, salmon cartilage extract, vitamin C, trehalose, acidulant, enzyme treated rutin, sodium benzoate, sucralose, potassium acesulfame, natural fragrance

  • How to Use

    Consume 15 ml per day, can be added to you favourite drink. Once the bottle is opened keep refrigerated and use continuously.

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