Dorothy - 1 syringe x 3ml


Innovative technologies and solid experience in the field of hyaluronic acid biochemistry are discovered by Korean specialists. Hyaluronic gel DOROTHY is a protector of the intracellular matrix that promotes the process of natural rejuvenation and rehydration of the skin. Designed for intradermal microimplantation into the deep layers of the dermis in patients from 30 years. The main component of Dorothy is hyaluronic acid - the structure is linear non-sulfated glucosaminoglycan, which, together with other proteoglycans, is part of the extracellular matrix, has a dual structure and has hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties simultaneously. 

Filler created for bio-reinforcement,  activation of cellular metabolism, increase elasticity, antioxidant action, rehydration, rejuvenation, skin lightening and radiance. Helps to cope with such problems:  corners of the mouth or eyes, eyebrows, deep nasolabial folds,  contours of the chin and lower jaw. Also, this procedure is also used to visually enlarge some parts of the body (cheek or chin, for example). DOROTHY contains identical hyaluronic acid (HA #AQUASHINE) of non-animal origin, obtained by biofermentation and completely biocompatible!  100% Visible result after the 1st session. ️ Differs from traditional fillers for filling wrinkles that have a temporary effect.

-Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, restores its youth and healthy appearance. It has a long  anti-aging effect

- restoring facial contours, smoothing wrinkles, increased elasticity and exerting a natural tightening, lifting effect.

  • Ingredients

    CONCENTRATION GK 1К 5mg / ml., 1 syringe - 3 ml

  • How to Use

    2-3 procedures with an interval of 4 weeks, a repetition of the course in 4-6 months. Shelf life - 3 years. Storage temperature 1-30 degrees away from direct sunlight.

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