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Aesthetics Essentials has been created to give everyone access to professional products everyday! We want to create a community of people interested in beauty and the benefits of using a daily, weekly and monthly skin care regimen. We are beauty professionals and use and work with these products ourselves. Some products may require specialist medical qualifications for use and by purchasing these products through this site you automatically acknowledge and agree that you have obtained these qualifications.


You will find that many "high street" products are using the same active ingredients as the ones we list here but the key difference with professional products is the concentration of these active ingredients leading to superior results with just a small amount of product. As you will understand we find that different people see differing results from the products and therefore we will continue to review and expand our range to try to satisfy as many people in our community as possible. We are also very happy to receive your comments, tips and ideas either through the website of please contact us directly via the link below. We are very happy to share our experience.


We can be contacted at: aestheticessentials1@gmail.com for any questions or concerns.


About La Precia & SoRE Placenta Based Products


Our lifestyle can lead to stress and illness through the negative impacts we experience such as continuous mental fatigue. These accumulated negative impacts can turn supple young skin to dry & sagging older skin with deep lines, uneven tone & dark spots, leading to premature aging.


With the huge array of skin care products in the market; you may find it difficult to decide which one to try and which will be most beneficial to your skin. With cosmetics, synthesized ingredients are quite common, but may not be a wonderful choice for your skin care needs. However, when using placenta cosmetics, you are using products created from a natural source, rich in nutrients, amino acids with organic bio-structure and proteins, qualifying it as “The Real Source of Life”.


Placenta extract used in La PRECIA & SóRE products are from pigs, they are an analogue of the human placenta and therefore more compatible when used for skin care products. Since they are created from something biologically similar to our own skin, they are more beneficial and will not create a physical dependence. Here are some specific benefits to using placenta based skin care products:


• Hydrates skin and helps to reduce sagging

• Results in smoother, softer and more velvety skin

• Improves skin elasticity, texture and tone

• Enhances the skin’s renewal process

• Reduces and smoothes fine lines & wrinkles

• Lightens pigmentation & clear dark spots

• Helps to treat acne & viral skin infections, due to its anti-viral & antiseptic qualities


UTP utilize total product control to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products, our reputation for quality is our most important trademark.

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